Aviv Park | Summer Fun

For this client we prepared and organised 15 events, 5 in every Aviv Park resident city, Zvezdara Belgrade, Pančevo and Zrenjanin. We combined animation, different skills and creative workshops so children can enjoy and have lots of fun on their visits to shopping malls.

O.U.R. Bar | O.U.R. in Wonderland

We placed two Alices in O.U.R Bar Wonderland, in the heart of the Belgrade. We produced costumes and swing to tickle the imagination a bit and to recreate that magical atmosphere.

Bekament | Styrofoam Factory Opening

This was event were we produced and combined large styrofoam cubes with contemporary dance choreography to create epic opening ceremony performance.

Big Blue | 10 Years Celebration Event

We spiced up a Big Blue travel agency gala dinner and party with some magic sand art story, fire sword fight and live statue performances, to create unforgettable celebration event.

Alternacija | Various Performances

Selection of our various appearances on festivals, clubs and corporate events. On the stage, among the visitors and above the crowd.

Vinarija Deuric | Talas Wine Launch

For this occasion we have transformed wine production warehouse into theatre stage. We used a mix of programmed smart lighting, with aerial acrobatics for best visual experience.

Spectrum | Techno Dimension

Spectrum is a concept were empty venue is transformed into best club in the state. We let our cyber freaks trough the portal and, with the help of advanced light effects, launch Techno Dimension to a new level.

NIS | New Year’s Story

New Year is holiday were magic happens. On this project we wanted to upgrade that atmosphere with unique set design, smart lighting and video projection to create fairy tale of the future telling the high tech but still family friendly and romantic story that reminds us on our early years.

NIS | Company Day 2015

Under the slogan “Future in the act”, our goal was to place city of future among the walls of Petrovaradin fortress. We used various set designs, actors, animators and other content to recreate his boulevards, infrastructure and entertainment that has to offer.

NIS | Company Day 2014

On this event we use NIS corporate values training and development of employees, motivation and health and safety to build environment around them. We communicate those values with guests trough specially built set design, various activations, workshops and entertaining activities. They learned trough games and enjoyed the process.

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