Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Belgrade | K Tigers Event

Very unique and challenging event that we produced for Korean Embassy in Belgrade. We hosted K Tigers, Korean Taekwondo sensation in one of a kind, two days, sport and cultural spectacle.

NIS | Corporate Forum 2015

On NIS yearly conference all things are subordinated to numbers, rapports and presenting that visually in best possible way. For this occasion we implement futuristic stage design made completely from LED screens set in layers of different sizes, smart lighting and live broadcast.

STIHL | Agricultural Fair

This is a place were we merge all projects for STIHL, on Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad. Some photos from the field and 3d models just to get an insight in our creative process.

STIHL | Competitors Caravan

How to use STIHL products in fun, but also safe way? We have created public competition where visitors tested their timber cutting skills and client equipment. We have also built labyrinth shaped polygon for leaves blower and 2m long chain saw replica, just to spice things up a bit.

NIS | New Year’s Story

New Year is holiday were magic happens. On this project we wanted to upgrade that atmosphere with unique set design, smart lighting and video projection to create fairy tale of the future telling the high tech but still family friendly and romantic story that reminds us on our early years.

NIS | Corporate Forum 2014

For this event we wanted to put presentation of speakers to the fore front and raise them to a new level. By creating segmented 3D projection surface, we highlight the main presentation with animations mapped on all sides of set design.

NIS | Company Day 2015

Under the slogan “Future in the act”, our goal was to place city of future among the walls of Petrovaradin fortress. We used various set designs, actors, animators and other content to recreate his boulevards, infrastructure and entertainment that has to offer.

NIS | Company Day 2014

On this event we use NIS corporate values training and development of employees, motivation and health and safety to build environment around them. We communicate those values with guests trough specially built set design, various activations, workshops and entertaining activities. They learned trough games and enjoyed the process.

NIS | Company Day 2013

Our biggest challenge on this project was to place corporate event between the walls of Petrovaradin fortress. We wanted to make it casual place were people can hang out, eat, have a drink, enjoy sports and chill out with the kids in festival environment.

INES Atelier | Contradiction Fashion Show

Our biggest challenge on this project was to merry interior of underground night club, with the glamour of the fashion show. We wanted to highlight textures and the flap of materials, by projecting them on specially produced polygonal 3D set design and create more intimate atmosphere by colouring the walls of the club with smart…

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